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If you have a hazardous and unsightly tree in your yard that desperately needs cutting down, we are the company for the job! Our professional team will make sure to get rid of the dangerous tree in no time, with your safety in mind. Apart from our tree removal service, you can also count on us for your tree trimming, stump removal, and emergency services, no matter the time of the day. 

​Sometimes, even a tree care enthusiast can’t easily tell if a tree requires removal or a simple trim. The good news is, Ellis Tree Service offers complimentary tree assessments to assist you with your tree removal concerns. The moment you reach us for help, our friendly staff will schedule the best time to visit and provide a free estimate. While on-site, we will let you know whether your tree needs to be eliminated or a simple trimming can solve the problem. You can depend on us to provide you with a detailed and expert recommendation on what needs to be done to your tree going forward. 

We often tell our clients never to deal with their own tree removal, and we will not get tired of reminding them because of the dangers that come with the process. Tree removal remains to be one of the most high-risk jobs there is, and we want to make sure you don’t get into trouble by doing it yourself. Eliminating a tree demands quick-thinking and split-second decisions that only experienced and expert specialists possess. It requires a thorough understanding of tree biology and physics to ensure safe and successful results. Our tree specialists work on trees systematically to guarantee everyone’s safety. We dismember the tree branch by branch and limb by limb from the topmost portion going down. 

Ellis Tree Service recommends tree removal in residential areas to be done by experts for your peace of mind. Do not try to tackle the task on your own if you do not have the experience and mastery to back you up, more so the equipment to carry out the job. If you really require tree removal, give us a call instead. We work with some of the most qualified tree arborists in town with more than enough experience in the field of tree care. We will visit your property right away and evaluate the tree to make sure tree removal is necessary. We encourage you not to wait too long before you seek assistance with your tree because it can cost you money or your safety. 

​You can expect approachable yet professional experience when you choose to work with Ellis Tree Service. For your peace of mind and security, all of our staff and arborists are fully insured and licensed. Although accidents are unlikely to happen with us in your yard, you can rest assured that you will be fully covered when they do. Our team will meticulously finish the tree removal job and not stop until the work is done. We will never work on your tree haphazardly because it can lead to emergency situations. You can depend on us to complete the job with the utmost efficiency. 

Call us now, and find out why we are the most hired tree company in town!

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